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Your smart emergency card

with digital emergency page

Mistakes happen, even in medicine. Every year, there are countless incorrect treatments, partly due to a lack of information. With your smart emergency card from memoresa, you actively contribute to ensuring that medical professionals can concentrate on treatment in an emergency and have all the relevant information at their disposal.

  • Ensure greater patient safety and prevent treatment errors yourself
  • your emergency contact is clearly named and can be informed immediately
  • store all relevant health information independently or with the help of a trusted person on your digital emergency page (accessible via QR code)

One-time fee 14,90 € – no ongoing costs!

Your digital emergency page

Your digital emergency page is a protected area in the memoresa portal. Here you can find all relevant information about your health. You determine which information should be accessible via the QR code on your emergency card.

Our digital emergency page is permanently available to you free of charge as an emergency card holder.

There are no subscription costs!

  • all relevant information at a glance
  • You decide which information is displayed
  • Trusted third parties can help you create the emergency page
  • Changes and additions are possible at any time – conveniently on the web or via mobile app
  • the data is GDPR-compliant and stored on servers in Germany.

What information should I deposit?

  We recommend providing information about existing medication, your blood group, intolerances or previous illnesses. It also makes sense to include emergency contacts and patient care documents such as the living will or a health care proxy. In addition, documents such as the implant card, the vaccination card or the organ donor card can be deposited. With your smartphone, you can access these documents anytime, anywhere. In an emergency, you may not remember all of your health history or you may be unresponsive. With the memoresa emergency card and the information on the emergency page,
you will still be well prepared and, last but not least, you will make sure
that you receive the treatment you need as quickly as possible.
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Get started now!

Your smart emergency card is created in just a few clicks:


Here you can find the smart emergency card on


Personalise your card.


After ordering, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to your personal emergency page.


At the same time, your smart emergency card is printed and sent. DONE!

What documents are needed in an emergency?

Living will

In a living will, you record which medical measures should be carried out in the event of your incapacity to make decisions. If you store it in the digital emergency kit, hospital staff can access it quickly.

Health care proxy

Your health care proxy is the most important supplement to your living will. In this document, you specify trusted persons who will regulate your health, financial and social affairs in the event of an emergency.

Care directive

The care directive becomes necessary if no one from your familiar environment can take over the task of a proxy or authorized representative. In your care directive, you determine your own legal care.

Vaccination card

Your vaccination card records all the vaccinations you have received since childhood. This makes it an important document that should not be lost. Store it in the digital emergency kit, so you always have it at hand and keep track of everything.

Organ Donor Card

With an organ donor card, you determine which of your organs may be removed and donated after your death – and which not. In the digital emergency case, this decision is also easily accessible to third parties.

Even more digital freedom – with memoresa as an app!

  • Have your most important documents with you at all times.
  • Share documents with your contacts on the go.
  • Upload photos from the document directly to the memoresa portal.

Download the memoresa app on your smartphone or tablet right now: